Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tito Jr. appears on billboards and TV

*Notice that the blog is back to being babytito.blogspot.com after trying unsuccessfully to rename the blog to lifewithtito.blogspot.com*

As you can imagine, our family has kept busy with Little Tito being the 2011-2012 poster child for the Spokane Guilds' School and Neuromuscular Center, the wonderful place where therapists have transformed our son into a little boy who walks, runs, and talks up a storm. Over the past year we have made public appearances at schools, fundraisers, and in a commercial (no longer available for viewing).

The days leading up to the school's major fundraiser, the Kids for Kids Penny Drive, we went as a family into the studio at our local news station. Mark Peterson and the staff at KXLY Channel 4 News put us on the air live to promote the Penny Drive event. From the moment we arrived at 4:45am until 7:00am, the folks at KXLY made our experience in studio relaxing and fun. Thanks also to KHQ Channel 6 News for putting our family on live at the Guilds' School to promote the Penny Drive.

Tito is stable health-wise. We are still waiting to hear from a specialist back east on whether a trip to Boston Children's is in Tito's best interest. In the meantime, we continue to patch his right eye every day to stimulate the vision in his damaged left eye, though the vision in it is non-functional. A trip to Seattle Children's Hospital coming up will hopefully put an end to the worries over a protrusion on Tito's ribcage.

We cherish your ongoing interest in our son's development and life. He is the happiest child we know. With that, we are blessed beyond measure.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still waiting...

Seasons change as Ecclesiastes reminds us. As do blog names. We changed the name of Tito's blog, since he's no longer a baby, from babytito to lifewithtito. Perhaps you've discovered that already. Thanks for being faithful followers.

Life continues to move along with all the joy and wonder a two year old offers. We continue to wait for direction on what to do with his left eye. Whether to keep it and watch it continue to deteriorate, or to pull it. The scar on the cornea looks the worst ever despite ongoing attempts to keep the eye moist. As a result, he hardly uses that eye except when patched.

Speaking of patching, one of Tito's ophthalmologists has us scaling back on the sessions. She doesn't think the patching is doing much to restore vision in the left eye. We patch 2 1/2 hours a day now instead of 4, which I must admit is rather nice. It allows for more of a 'normal' life, whatever normal means.

Age wise, Tito turns three soon. Physically, he continues to thrive in his therapies (physical, occupational, speech, and pool). Verbally, he's quite the negotiator especially when it's sleep time.

We feel grateful for each moment with our son and look forward to what specialists back east will advise. In all of this, I realize that one eye is worth saving, however inconvenient it may be, however many seasons it takes.