Friday, August 12, 2011

A Season for Everything

Sometimes Ecclesiastes 3 comes to mind, that there is a season for everything under the sun. It's a season of joy watching Tito learn to count, sing his ABCs, and even say "No, don't like it" to nearly everything (though after 20 minutes of him screaming it, then it's not so cute).

It's also been a season of fear, wondering whether Tito's left cornea will ever heal. Our wonderful eye doctor is now consulting with a specialist at CHOPS in Philadelphia to see about other options. Is pulling the left eye the best thing? Everything we've tried so far has failed to heal the cornea. Six different contact lenses have fallen out. The one lens that stayed in the longest (one week) did improve the cornea. Ongoing challenges have to do with Tito's inability to feel sensation in the eye and lack of tear production. The eye dries out continually despite endless drops and ointment.

Another trip to Seattle Children's Hospital is approaching, this time for a MRI and to meet with doctors from craniofacial, neurosurgery, and genetics. It will be a big trip to track what the inoperable parts of the tumor are doing in the brain and behind Tito's left eye. A main concern is that Tito's left eye has been bulging more in recent weeks.

It is true that there is a season for everything under the sun. A season can last for months or only a day depending on the circumstances. Enjoying life with our son in the moment is to embrace fully each season as it comes.