Monday, June 6, 2011

Contact Lenses Gone Missing

Hello family and friends. As Little Tito continues to grow and learn new things, he continues to battle a hefty scar on his left cornea. Three attempts to place a contact lens in the eye haven't worked. Each lens has stayed in the eye less than 24 hours. Any day now a fourth lens with a tighter fit will go in. You may be asking yourself, 'How do they get a contact lens into a 2-year old's eye, especially an eye with lids sewn partially shut?' Well, the first time it took place in the OR a few weeks ago. The last two times, thanks to mama's bribing with chocolate Pocky sticks and suckers, Tito has laid still on a reclining chair in Dr. Michel's office. He calls it the 'scary chair' ever since discovering that the chair moves by pressing buttons.

All in all, we are thankful for Tito's progress in his physical therapy and occupational therapy at the Spokane Guilds' School. He has started speech therapy there as well. A vision therapist now comes to the house twice a month. All of these services benefit Tito greatly.

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