Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Second Mother's Day

It's my second Mother's Day, a perfect time to post an update on our son. He has entered the world of two-year olds, and fortunately for us, 'no' is not his favorite word. Morning, noon, and night, it's 'round-round' (aka: ceiling fan) and 'wheels.' His wheel birthday cake was nearly too cute to eat. Thank goodness it was chocolate or it would still be in the fridge. Little Tito continues to do well despite setbacks with his NF1, especially ongoing concerns with his left eye. He will be back in the OR soon for a sixth eye procedure, this time, to have a contact lens inserted. Once again, our hero, Dr. Michels, will do the honors. Little Tito loves Dr. Michels, and loves the ceiling fan at his office even more. We are hopeful that the contact lens will be the answer to an exposed cornea that keeps drying out, worsening the scar.

Yesterday, I met a woman whose 23 year-old daughter has suffered from a brain tumor most of her life. The daughter has lived with seizures and the need for multiple surgeries off and on. As the woman spoke, I recognized her tears to be the tears of a mother. At the heart of a mother 's tears is the desire never to see her child suffer. Tears reflect reality that at times our children suffer. Learning to be comfortable with tears, whether those of a stranger or my own, makes for a vulnerable yet rewarding life.

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Jim said...

I had not read your mother's day post yet, and it was beautiful. Little Tito is a darling!
Thank you again for meeting us at the bank!! We appreciate you all very much!
Kitty Rowse