Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update on Tito Jr.

Hello everyone. Since our last post, Little Tito has had more eye surgeries in January and February. The latest procedure involved slitting open his top left eyelid and inserting a gold weight to force the eyelid down. Then the surgeon injected pig skin into the lower lid to force it up. The lids were also re-stitched 2/3 together and the tear ducts were sewn shut. This way the left eye stays moist and closed in hopes of protecting the cornea. The only time the eye is open now is for the 4 hour patching sessions each day. This involves taping open the lids top and bottom. The cornea is looking the best it's looked since it scarred over after the brain-skull surgery last April. We have great relief that we don't have to lube Tito Jr.'s eye every 20 minutes. The best part is that Tito is finally sleeping through the night since we're not having to put ointment in around the clock.

Today we went for a post-op check with our outstanding eyelid plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Michels. This man deserves to be sainted for everything he has done for our son. He has performed 4 operations on Tito Jr. since September. He was pleased with how everything looked with Tito's left cornea and lids this afternoon. The latest procedure has put us on the right path to help Tito's eye complications from NF1.