Monday, December 27, 2010

More Eye Surgery Ahead, and Another CT Scan

Hello fans of Little Tito, and Merry Christmas! The latest on our wonderful son is that a corneal neurotrophic ulcer ('shield' ulcer) has formed on the left cornea, the very one that we hope will still heal. The around-the-clock task of putting steroid drops, antibiotic ointment, and many other forms of gels and ointments has not prevented the cornea from deteriorating further. This week, with his eye doctors here in town, Tito Jr. will have the left eye sewn shut even further. It is already closed 2/3 from a surgical procedure back in September. We are very confident that his eye doctors here in Spokane, Dr. Shea and Dr. Michels, are doing everything they can to help Tito's eye.

The fact remains that Tito Jr. still does not blink and produce tears in the left eye. Further coverage is the goal with this week's surgery: sewing shut the lids at the inside corner near the nose and opening up the outer side a bit. The small opening will allow us to continue patching Tito's good eye. We put splints on his arms, tape open the closed left lids, and cover the right eye, the longest 4 hours of each day. Hopefully this will bring back some vision in the left eye.

Soon, we return to Seattle Children's Hospital. Another CT scan is in order, followed by appointments with the craniofacial team. It is a routine check to see how the skull is healing up post-surgery. Every 6 months now, Tito will have either a CT scan or MRI to track his progress and to check on what the inoperable parts of the tumor are doing.

Enough of the medical news. Tito is blooming, thanks in part to his wonderful therapists at the Guild's School. He is walking now, though still prefers to crawl if he wants to get to a toy in haste. With all the new Christmas presents, crawling has taken priority!

Soon, Tito will start group therapy twice a week at the Guild's School. We will miss his physical and occupational therapists that have worked with him on an individual basis, but are excited that Tito will get to meet and play with his peers in a group setting.


Marcine Wood said...

Hi Lace...this is a beautiful tribute to your darling boy. I have been looking for the commercial I saw on TV so was hoping you knew how to get a copy on the web. God bless you and Tito Sr. and Tito are all loved. Aunt Marcine

Lace said...

Hi Aunt Marcine. Good to hear from you. The commercial that ran on TV with Tito has been removed from YouTube and is no longer accessible. But I did just post an update with a link to our live appearance on KXLY back in April as part of the Penny Drive promotion. With love, Lace