Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is Faith – A Sermon in Verse

Has a story to tell. And I am aware that I live in the middle of it. It started long ago,
when the universe was forged from God’s voice, as God said,

I was not there, but now I am. God has a story to tell.
And God continued by the cooling of a small rock and the bringing
forth life on our planet. God the made humanity, Adam and Eve.
Sin followed with bloody rocks and dead brothers. I am aware of this sin, my sin
of saying dark with our actions, with our being and with our stories apart from God. We ate
this fruit and continue eating this fruit of violence. We forgot the story.

God answered by continuing to tell
his love story through the calling Abraham out of ancient city and into the wilderness. God made him promises for the future of his children and all humanity.
God continued by leading Abraham’s great grandchildren’s grandchildren’s
children out of slavery and into freedom, into their own place,
into a home to call their own, a home of milk, honey, grapes and abundance and
the promise of love. I am aware that I live in the middle of this story of freedom

And Abraham’s children thrived and forgot the story of God in their daily living.
Then God entered the story himself in the flesh. Jesus, who came and lived
with us in our daily struggles, teaching the meaning of love and forgiveness,
only to be abandoned by his friends, family and those he gave life to,
and died horribly alone on a

My God, my God why have we forsaken you.

I am aware that I live in the middle of story of the cross.
But the cross was not the end, as he sprung back to life with more
promises and love. He dulled death’s thorns with an light filled empty tomb we wanted
to bury God in. God was not done with us and continued telling hs love story. He then gave his people, us, a gift to give us life and more promises of his return. God’s story continued.

Go out and tell others about Jesus and Jesus will be with you, he said as he left.
And the story continues. Jesus continues to be with us. He gave us the end
of his story of love. St. Paul went out to our ancestors and gave them the new words, gave them life by including them in God’s story. We continue to live in the middle
of God’s story even down to today. Luther reminded us of the story when forget to tell it.

You ask what is faith. Faith is being aware that we are living in the middle
of God’s story. Like when my one year old had to have brain surgery and all
we, his parents, had to answer was silence, prayer and God’s story. God came into
the middle of our story

even as we live in the middle of his. And when our son that night, plumb and bruised
like a blueberry from the surgeon’s knife, answered our kissing sound with his own
and sound of lip smacking like kisses, we praised God for bringing light and
for being with us in the middle of his story and our story. God did not forsaken us.
The story continued. Even as some
don’t know the story. We have a lot of telling to do.

has a story to tell. We live in the bible between the end of Jude
and the beginning of Revelation. We live in the middle of God’s story.
Faith is learning to listen to God’s story. Knowing the truth
that my life is beyond me but not beyond his love. We live in the middle, even
as we know the end. Our lives blossom with God’s story.

And here is the mystery. He is with us now, telling the story in the middle
of your life. He is here, now, in the middle of you story. Oh God,
Let us be together and listen to you unfolding story. Let us
pick up in the middle of the story.