Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It is strange to say that the Doctor is adding the bones back to your baby's skull. We have had the surgery that we have been waiting for so long for. Tito is doing well, but there is still a question if he will have sight in his left eye. It took about 7 hours, like the staff had warned us. Tito is doing well in Intensive Care and his nurses have been wonderful. It is tough to wait, pray, and be present, but that is all we can do. 

The details of the operation: We started early in the morning, 6:45am, with Tito happy as a bee in a valley of columbines. His parents full of dread. The staff was great and compassionate. Lace washed with wipes of a special cleansing. Then they took him to be gassed and have the IV set. We then waited. His grandmother, my mom, was with us. His grandfather, Lace's father was with us. They updated us when the operation started, and we waited. Then Pastor James showed up. Then we waited. We talked about everything and nothing. They found a tumor behind the eye. We worried. We waited. Lace and I went back to the Ronald McDonald House and to run some errands. As fate would have it, we got paged that the operation was done. We rushed back to meet with his doctors. Then we waited. From the time we handed our son over to the anesthesiologists, 7 1/2 hours had passed. We got the report from the craniofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Gruss. He said that it went as planned. The neurosurgeon, Dr. Ellenbogen, gave us his report on the surgery. The main worry is Tito's left eye because the pupil remains dilated and unresponsive to light. He might be blind in the eye. We will not know for a few more days. So we are stll playing the waiting game. We are still so glad for the care he has received.

Below is Daniel's story. It was a surgery by the same team that helped Tito. I am so grateful.


just shoot me said...

I'm so glad things are continuing to go well with Tito's care, surgery, and progress! Thank you for the update, and God Bless xx
Amanda Fitch

Nurvic family said...

Thanks for leaving an update to share with us all. We are so glad that things have gone well thus far and will continue to pray for more blessings. Peace be with you and God bless.

Chris and Kim Nurvic

Katie said...

Thank you for sharing this update. I'm so glad that the surgery went as planned, and I wish your whole family well on the road to recovery. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Jessica said...

dear tito and lace,

your family was heavy on my heart yesterday. I kept thinking and praying for you; i had no idea you were in surgery then until i read your posts today. sending prayers and love. you all are so amazing; and your baby is so precious. i'm inspired by your faithfulness. love to all, jessica