Wednesday, February 24, 2010

News on Baby's MRI of Spine

Anticipation always has an element of fear, and hope. We heard back from Seattle Children's concerning little Tito's recent MRI of the spine. Everything looks great--no tumors! The nurse practitioner from neurosurgery did say there is a tumor on the left orbit of the baby's eye, and had us coming back to Seattle this week to meet with the Tumor Board. We told her that we've been through all this before concerning a possible tumor, and that we were finally reassured of no tumors by the craniofacial surgeon. So where things stand right now is that if any tumors are present, they will be removed in surgery.

In the meantime, our soon-to-be 11 month old son enjoys his army crawls, and even more so his Ritz crackers.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Update from last week's trip to Seattle Children's

We had baby Tito back to Seattle Children's last week. Again, nothing but praise for this place. If there is any pocket of heaven on earth, you can find it at Seattle Children's.

The baby had a MRI of his spinal cord to check for tumors related to NF1. The results have yet to come back to us. One of the baby's surgeons ordered the MRI as part of the surgical plan set for this spring. If tumors are present, it would change the way the baby is intubated (gets air) during the surgery.

The visit to the Genetics Clinic at Seattle Children's, after the MRI, was informative. There is no way of determining how the NF1 will play out in Tito's life. The good thing is that his numerous brown spots will never turn malignant.

Another update will be given once we here the results from last week's MRI. We move forward towards surgery, trusting in God who goes before us in all things.