Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eye Trouble

A recent trip to the baby's ophthalmologist revealed laziness starting in the left protruding eye. The condition is called amblyopia. We have to patch the good eye now every day until the baby's surgery in the spring. This is to prevent vision loss. Thank goodness the patching sessions are only 30 minutes. It is nearly impossible to keep the baby from rubbing the eye patches off. All kinds of funky stickers are available to decorate the patches.

After the brain and eye-socket/skull surgery in the spring, the baby may have to have a secondary surgery on the eye muscles of the left eye. These muscles are atrophying. The baby can no longer look up with the left eye.

Soon we will be back at Seattle Children's. The purpose of this third visit is to get a fresh CT scan of the brain. Then we will meet the surgical team and draw up the surgical plan.

The baby continues to grow happy and strong. What a delight our son is.

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Gordon said...

Thanks for the update.