Thursday, November 19, 2009

We will return to Seattle Children's early January

In January, we will return to Seattle Children's with the baby. The point of this trip is to undergo a high-tech CT scan of the baby's head. Then we return to the Craniofacial unit for four appointments. We will meet the team of doctors who will operate on baby Tito. The CT scan and the four craniofacial visits will aid the surgeons in drawing up the 'surgical plan.'

Before our next trip to Seattle, the baby returns to a pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Snow, in Spokane in December. Dr. Snow saw the baby back in July as recommended by a geneticist. Dr. Snow found that the cafe-au-lait spots on the baby's body had spread to his right eye. These spots are being monitored because of their risk of turning into lisch nodules. The main reason for seeing Dr. Snow this time is to check on the left protruding eye. We keep drops in that eye every two hours then an ointment in at night to prevent the cornea from drying out.

Our son continues to develop into a happy, strong baby. He likes to growl, blow bubbles, chew on teething biscuits, and pull mommy's hair. Everything within reach makes it to his mouth.


Ben D. Anderson said...

Ben Anderson here- Dee and I are praying for you all and we will be keeping up with your Blog. I will be sending your link to other people who will pray for Baby Tito. He is a precious individual and may God bless him. I hope you as parents will be strong and know that we love you and pray for you all as you go through this journey of life with your son.

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

If you want to follow my blog or drop me a comment our son is 4 and has nf1 and we are on facebook too with a group of moms nf1momsrock
We are a bunch of strong moms who understand the demands that a child with special needs puts on us and we accept it with a passion, we try not to be helicopter moms LOL
but I know you will enjoy meeting all of us if only on the web lol