Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where does my help come from?

Recently, a beloved professor of mine from Fuller emailed me and pointed me to Psalm 121. It has always been a favorite because of its assuring words: my help comes from God, maker of heaven and earth.

I look at my son. He now pulls up his feet and likes to suck on his toes. He wraps his my arms around my arm as I change his diaper. He teaches me new words with his sounds. I praise God for giving my son life and breath.

This Wednesday we should hear something from Seattle Children's Hospital. The last word from a team of doctors in the Ophthalmology department there indicated that surgery is inevitable in the next few months; otherwise, the baby could develop further complications from the growth in the brain. The head doctor said that the tumor could be one of three things and has mostly a fluid component. It is unclear whether this growth is even connected to the baby's NF 1. The reason, said the lead doctor, is that growths in the brain related to NF 1 typically have a solid component extending into the upper eyelid. Tito's growth has no solid component, only fluid, in that left eyelid. Interesting.


Roland Wells said...

I particularly like the rsv/esv translation of ps 121. Look at the word "keep" six times-- he will keep your life; he will keep your going out; he will keep you from all evil; the lord is your keeper. It's good to be kept. I think of my son John "keeping" an orphaned baby bunny in the pocket of his little red flannel shirt - all the way to church. God has Tito and you two safe in the pocket of his red flannel shirt. Rjw

Anonymous said...

Tito and Lace and baby Tito,
We are holding you in our prayers and praying for God's healing and protection. You are on our hearts every hour of each day. Come Lord Jesus, and make us whole.
Love, Sarah and Tim