Thursday, October 8, 2009

Then the doctor called

Coming home yesterday, I had a sense of anticipation, anxiety, and dread. The last appointment left us with the impression that baby Tito would be having surgery in the next few months. We waited for the decision of the tumor board.

So, the doctor called. He said the best thing would be to wait for six months and then to do another MRI. We will still see an ophthalmologist to monitor baby Tito's vision.

Does that mean there was or is nothing to be concerned about?

Unfortunately, no. The doctor is reluctant to operate on a baby unless he has to, which I appreciate. He is consulting with the cranial people to see when would be the best time to do corrective surgery. Also, there is a mass behind the eye that will need to be treated sometime in the near future.

It is still a matter of when.

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Colby family said...

He is so precious. We're continuing to pray for your family. Have a good day.