Friday, October 2, 2009

God Giveth

It is a worrying sight to watch a brigade of doctors, lead by the clinic's head doctor, walk into room. He then gives his opinion that our baby will soon have brain surgery.


Tito has become a great traveler and is starting to recognize doctors, but I wish that he would learn travel does not always mean medical and doctors. He has and will continue to travel for weddings and receptions. If only all his travels would be for fun, not for medical reasons. Such is life.

While we can appreciate the doctors' candor and reassurance about our son and his coming months, it is still hard to hear brain surgery and Tito in the same statement. The fact they looked at Tito's MRI and CT-scan for what seemed like hours made us fear when the door opened. A flood of doctors poured through with news that we had to swallow without water. The reversal from the doctor of the previous day makes us grasp at prayer.

So, now what? We wait for the tumor board next week. We were told probably no surgery and then told probably yes to surgery. It is hard not to worry, even as Tito is so happy. Now we have to wait until next Wednesday. Waiting on the news and the Lord.


Heather said...

Williams and Tito, James and I continue to pray for you and baby Tito everyday! May you sense God's great presence and strength in this time. Love you! Clauson

Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather